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September 2018

A Framework for action

The recommendations in the Street2Home Framework to Action have been provided by Barbara Poppe and Associates.  Ms. Poppe assessed the Fresno community’s overall strengths and opportunities and advised on proven practices that have been shown to reduce homelessness in other communities. 

The process was guided by a steering committee that helped shape the emerging recommendations into a set of recommendations that can achieve high impact on reducing unsheltered homelessness and are feasible for local implementation over the next few years.

Based on that work, the recommendations in the report were developed and further refined in a series of feedback sessions with community leaders. Four pillars emerged: 1) engage community & align resources, 2) reduce inflow to homelessness, 3) improve crisis response, 4) expand permanent housing options.

The Framework to Action does not represent the end of the process but rather the beginning. It provides the framework to move forward. The entire Fresno community—leaders, service providers, funders, and residents—need to be a part of the solution.